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Danielle Jardine-Colorado Springs,CO

Japan Travel Specialist

Gion, Kyoto, Japan - Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash
Gion, Kyoto, Japan - Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

I have always been fascinated with travel, other countries, their culture, and art. A dream of mine has been to be able to travel the world with my husband (and one day my family) to be able to see different world heritage sites and explore different cities.

I have only been working in the travel industry since January 2017 but have loved every minute of it! Working for Esprit Travel and Tours and learning about the travel business has opened up incredible opportunities; along with allowing me to learn more about Japan Custom Travel. For the past year and a half, before joining Travel Leaders COS, I have specialized in planning exquisite Japan trips. I strive to learn about each and every client and what their dream of travel is, whether you are going to remember sitting in the sun-soaked mountains or listening to an artisan show you his/her craft. I want you to be able to experience those moments for yourself and I know each traveler and each trip is different.

For Travel Leaders COS, not only am I covering Japan as the Japan Travel Specialist, I am also covering all travel in the Asia Pacific, Oceania Countries Destination Weddings and Honeymoons and Events.

I am excited for what this new adventure is going to bring and I hope you will join me on it! 

Destination Expert:

  • Japan
  • Kyoto
  • Hiroshima
  • Tokyo
  • Kanazawa

Travel Specialist:

  • Family Vacations
  • Groups
  • Luxury
  • Military
  • Historical Sites


  • Japan Travel Specialist General Course
  • Japan Travel Specialist Masters Course

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