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Church-Specific Itineraries

We help many churches put together groups for their congregation. We help build custom itineraries to stop at the places that are most important to you and what you are currently studying. Don't know where to start? Don't worry. We have been doing this a long time and work directly with the largest tour operator in Israel. We will offer suggestions and walk you through the entire process.

Some are opened to the public like this current example here:

Join Capstone Church, Pastor Parkey, and Rhonda Cobern on a tour of the Holy Land that will make the bible come alive!

Small Group Itineraries


  • Greece: In the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle  |  September 19–29, 2018

Retrace the missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, prolific writer of the New Testament letters. Travel through ancient cities and pastoral landscapes. Enjoy a 3-night cruise of the magical Greek Islands of Mykonos, Patmos and Santorini. Visit the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, Turkey. Discover archaeological treasures like the Acropolis in Athens and seek ancient wisdom at the ruins of Delphi. Investigate the dramatic Meteora Monasteries, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the biblical town of Corinth on a guided tour featuring the Agora and the Bema, where Paul was brought before the tribunal. Stop in Philippi, where Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe and baptized Lydia, the first Christian. Even see the dungeon where he was held prisoner. Find inspiration throughout as you visit the places where the great apostle lived and preached.

Our unique "Pearls of Wisdom" tour has been designed especially for Womanly Ways and will be an intimate group traveling independently with our own Minibus and tour guide. The itinerary has been designed to include activities for women with a special focus on the Jewish/Israeli women of today as well as those in the time of Jesus while following the footsteps of Jesus.

Our Specializations

imtravel is a dedicated team of travel experts who specialize in international travel for:

  • Non-Profit/Mission Partners
  • Pastoral Study Tours
  • Groups and Escorted Tours
  • Voluntourism (Volunteer Vacations)
  • Inspirational Journeys
  • Volunteer/Humanitarian Trips
  • Corporate Conventions and Meetings
  • Special Needs


Our Destinations

imtravel also coordinates religious tours and pilgrimages to many destinations including Europe and the Middle East.
Destinations and tours include:

  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Turkey
  • Mediterranean
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

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