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Holiday Travel Planning for Procrastinators

Holiday Travel Planning for Procrastinators

Millions of Americans will be on the move between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, making it one of the busiest travel times of the year. That means most of those millions have already begun their travel planning—if not already booked their getaways. So, if you’ve been thinking about a getaway before the end of 2016, you’ll want to act quickly or you may face either sold out flights or pay a premium.

To begin, you’ll want to explore where you’d like to go.

Perhaps you’d like to visit someplace you’ve never been, or maybe there’s an old favorite that you’ve been longing to revisit. This is the time to give free rein to your imagination and look at all the possibilities. Of course, you have a budget. But don’t rule anything out, even a trip abroad. A strong U.S. dollar may put that dream international destination within reach—and it could actually be less expensive to travel outside the United States than it might be to popular domestic destinations.

Think about your travel profile.

Are you the type of traveler whose ideal vacation is relaxing in one place—on a cruise ship or at a resort—or do you want something more active; a trip that includes recreational activities like hiking, biking, or boating? Are you in the mood for something secluded, or would you rather be amid the crowds? Shopping, museums, great food, and culture, breathtaking scenery—the options are limitless. Maybe you’d like to mix it up this time and try the type of trip that you’ve never taken before.

Consider your companions.

The holidays are a time for families to get together, so this may be the year to think about a multigenerational trip. Travel Leaders Group surveys have noted an increased interest in parents, children, and grandparents vacationing together. It’s a great way to celebrate—without the stress—and create some wonderful family memories. Or perhaps it’s just you and a significant other, and you’re dreaming about a romantic vacation; escaping to a tropical resort or historic European capital. Maybe you’re an intrepid solo traveler, looking for adventure and new experiences. Surveys show that more Americans are traveling alone, and there are many land tours and cruises that are ideal for single travelers.

Set a reasonable goal.

When exploring options for a trip, think about what you can reasonably see and do in the time you have available. It’s natural to want to spend as much time as possible at your destination. But if you’re taking vacation time, remember that you’ll want a day or two to recover when you get back before you have to return to work. Recovery time is especially important if your destination requires a long plane flight. So keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Of course, there are many other considerations to take into account when planning a trip even after you’ve picked a destination—from when to go, which flights to take, where to stay, and what to do once you get there.

Thinking about all of the possible destinations, and the details that go into planning a trip, can be a bit overwhelming. For help with your plans, contact us, your travel agency. As travel experts, we can assist you every step of the way, putting together a vacation that fits your budget and your dreams.

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