Group Testimonials


Destination Wedding Bliss

I thought we could handle planning our Destination Wedding to Cancun, MX, and Honeymoon to Belize on our own...Turns out it is much more difficult than expected! Working with Travel Leaders COS showed us, having a Travel Agency's help is extremely beneficial to managing stresses and making this process easier and smooth sailing! Amazing, knowledgeable, and very friendly Consultants there! Loved this experience and the amount of help that was provided! Thank You Guys!


High-Risk Missions

We wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for all the work you did with us, our teams, and our ministry these past two years. We know that we couldn’t have accomplished the High Risk trips without your help! Your knowledge, not only of travel, but also of the ins and outs of the many different policies, as well as requirements within the different countries we went into, saved us,I’m sure, many unwelcome pitfalls.

We also appreciate you being available to us 24/7 while over across the pond. You are, and have been, a true blessing to us! God bless you.

ATP Ministries

All My Travel Needs

Ever since I moved to Colorado in 2001 to become a full time missionary, I have used High Plains Travel for all my travel needs in ministry. This ranges from individual travels back and forth to Europe, to group trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo. For the past decade, my father and I have coordinated several short-term team trips that have taken us to Africa, Europe, and Central America.

The staff at High Plains has always been an essential element of our fruitful and meaningful mission trips. From beginning stages of brainstorming, right up to the departure, they have been with us every step of the way, helping us find the right prices, right insurance, and the best flights to take. They take their customer service very seriously and I have never had any issues with communication. They are also very helpful in assisting with the logistics of coordinating a large group. They will assist your group knowing exactly what kind of personal information is needed, provide options for the best kind of travel insurance, and if you need to be aware of any medical issues if you travel to an impoverished location.

Bell Foundation of Hope


High School Students Senior Trip

This year the Simla senior class used the services of High Plans Travel. I know other sponsors have worked with High Plains Travel in the past and all have had stellar reviews. As a first-time class sponsor, I had no idea what planning a trip for 22 people would be like. Early on, it was clear that High Plains Travel—and more specifically, Jesssica—was an invaluable asset. Throughout the entire process, Jessica and her colleagues made us feel like a priority and always acted proactively.

Specifically, I enjoyed how well Jessica and the company as a whole could plan and cater to such a large group of young people. Trying to get 18 teenagers proper tickets and proper accommodations is very difficult; however, I never had to struggle with what needed to be done or what information was needed because it was in the good hands of High Plains Travel. I was surprised how smoothly everything went and how well we as a group were prepared for the trip. At one point, High Plains Travel even sent us information on everything from rip-tides to jellyfish because they knew that the safety of our students was paramount and that many of the students had never been to the ocean. I know that the ease of the trip and the lack of hiccups along the way were because of the hard work that Jessica and High Plains Travel had done weeks or months before. I strongly recommend High Plains Travel for any group, especially a group with minors and first-time travelers.

Class Sponsor, Simla High School


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the professionalism that your company exemplified with our trip to San Diego. The students had a wonderful time, largely in part that every detail was taken care of per our travel arrangements. Jessica Zimmerman handled our trip and she was a huge help in finding us affordable travel arrangements that ensured safety when travelling with high school students. 

We have now planned three trips through Travel Leaders in Colorado Springs and couldn’t be more pleased with the suggestions and experience that your staff members shared with us. Thank you again for assisting us with our travel needs!

Teacher and Class Sponsor, Simla High School

Our trip went really, really well. It was almost too good to be true. Thanks for everything that you did.

Teacher, Simla High School


EVERYTHING went really, really well! The kids had a wonderful time, the house was great, and the kids loved the beach. They loved the dinner cruise, seeing SD at night, and the Padres were playing. Sea World was the kids favorite. Flights went smoothly. Thanks so much! They literally laughed and giggled from the time we left until the time we returned. Thanks for everything!

Teacher, Simla High School

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