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Church-Specific Itineraries

We help many churches put together groups for their congregation. We help build custom itineraries to stop at the places that are most important to you and what you are currently studying. Don't know where to start? Don't worry. We have been doing this a long time and work directly with Israel. We will offer suggestions and walk you through the entire process.

Some churches open their tours to the public, you may join one of our current ministry/churches tours below (you may click their names for more information):

Our Specializations

imtravel is a dedicated team of travel experts who specialize in international travel for:

• Non-Profit/Mission Partners                                    • Voluntourism (Volunteer Vacations)

• Pastoral Study Tours                                                      • Inspirational Journeys

• Groups and Escorted Tours                                       • Volunteer/Humanitarian Trips

• Hands On Travel                                                               • Corporate Conventions and Meetings

• Special Needs


Our Destinations

imtravel also coordinates religious tours and pilgrimages to many destinations including Europe and the Middle East.
Destinations and tours include:

• Israel                                                                                       • Italy

• Jordan                                                                                    • Germany

• Turkey                                                                                    • United Kingdom

• Mediterranean

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