On the Road Again FAQs


Q: What is the deposit for each trip?

There is a specific per person deposit listed on each trip itinerary that is due with the completed registration form.

Q: What type of Motor coach will we be on?

All of the bus tours will be on a motor coach equipped with an onboard restroom, video and air conditioning.

Q: Where will the bus leave from?

The motor coach will leave at 8am on the start day of each trip. As of right now we are planning on the bus leaving from our office parking lot where there is plenty of space for parking.

Q: How many stops will the bus make during the en route travel?

The bus will stop approximately every 2 hours and at lunch.

Q: Are coolers allowed on the bus?

We will have a cooler on board with bottled water and room for any medication that might need refrigerated.

Q: How much luggage is allowed per person to take on the trip?

Each traveler is allowed one piece of luggage, an overnight bag and a carry-on.

Q: What happens to your luggage on the en route overnight stops?

You are responsible for your overnight bag and carry-on. Your main luggage will be secured on the bus overnight.

Q: What happens to your luggage at the final destination?

We will provide a name tag for your luggage which will be delivered to your room via the hotel staff and it will be delivered back to the bus upon departure.

Q: If you purchase a large item on the trip can it go on the bus?

It depends on the bus and the number of people. Travel Leaders will consult with the bus driver to confirm if space is available.

Q: What meals are included?

Most breakfasts and dinners are included in the trip price (per itinerary). You are responsible for your lunches. We will be in areas where there will be plenty of options for lunch.

Q: What kind of breakfast will there be?

Breakfast will be at the hotels and should be a hot continental breakfast.

Q: What about trip insurance?

Travel insurance is not included in the trip price, but is available for purchase should you want it.

Q: Do I have to have money for tips?

The driver and Guide tips are included in the price of the trip and will be handled for you.

Q: What is the pace of the tour?

The tours are set up for you to have a relaxed experience.

Q: What is the typical start time of the day?

The typical start time for the days is 9:30. This may vary depending on show and tour times.

Q: How much night travel will there be?

These tours are designed for minimal night travel. 

Q: How many people can go on the bus?

Space is limited on each trip. We have a minimum of 35 people and a maximum of 50 people per motor coach. In order to secure your spot on a tour make sure to get your completed registration form in as soon as possible.

Q: Will you host an event prior to a tour leaving?

We will be hosting a Social before each tour to answer any questions and to help you get to know your fellow travelers. A formal invitation will be sent out ahead of time.


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